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Washington Georgetown Marriott

May 13-14, 2019

A message from Janelle Moore, our Executive Director

It's unpopular to put a long message on a website. I know. But my time is limited and I want you to know some seriously cool stuff is happening.

Imagine a traditional event. Industry pays big bucks to the middle man (or middle woman) to put "butts in seats". Industry makes a sales pitch. Attendees endure a process to pay for tuition and attend with a mission to learn something to help back at work. Everyone gets a limp salad and some rubber chicken for lunch, and some scalded coffee. Then there may or many not be follow up. People wonder if it was even worth the trouble. Are you shuddering with disdain yet? I am.

FITGovSummit is different. FITGovSummit is a culmination of producing events for years for Educational Partners and working closely fostering public-private partnership at a variety of levels of government. FITGovSummit is the essence of re-imagining and re-defining event success. FITGovSummit is education combined with amenities and action plans for those "next steps" back at the office. That's not enough in my opinion, so I've negotiated access to CPIC Forum's collaboration portal, where you can continue the conversations for a year until next May's FITGovSummit: with tools, templates, white papers, artifact examples, links and group connectivity. At your fingertips. For a year. Included in your tuition. As much as you need to use it. Now you don't have to worry about a business card or a missed connection or a list- it's all there for you. I've listened to everything you've told me. I've designed this concept with feedback from the Forum's membership as well as thought leaders and experts in fields throughout the federal enterprise.

I am a firm believer everyone has something to teach and something to learn. I'm pairing wisdom-givers and wisdom-seekers for educational reciprocity. I am leveraging over twenty years of my experience and my network to bring together some of the top niche talent in the District and beyond, at a variety of levels in agencies, department, and the Oversight branch in order to provide access to  deep knowledge ordinarily lost in the silos and swim lanes of the federal enterprise. 

Each Wisdom-Seeker will benefit from a theatre-style series of Executive KeyNote presentations and the annual CPIC Forum's popular draw: the CIO Panel. The Cooper-Godlove Awards of Excellence Luncheon Banquet will be open to all participants to recognize and celebrate our community's accomplishments.

After lunch on Monday, Wisdom-Givers begin presenting hour-sessions on a variety of project, program, portfolio and investment management topics- diving into guidance, policy, compliance, governance and capital planning. Additionally, I am teaming up with Artifact Academy. I am adding high-demand tracks on Hot Topics to include Technology Business Management (TBM), Acquisition Reform (FITARA) implementation, Diversity & Inclusion, Cybersecurity, CryptoCurrency, Artificial Intelligence and much more. I may even teach an hour or two... we'll see. 

Monday concludes with a reception.

These sessions will continue after breakfast Tuesday morning until lunchtime. I know, y'all want me to bring back the Lobster Bisque. The Marriott Washington Georgetown has been delighting our students with incredible healthy, nutritious, delicious meals and they never disappoint.

Back to the details: those in Project/ Portfolio Management swim-lanes will improve their access and knowledge in core areas where the federal government is heavily investing in technology - and the upper echelon of those practitioners involved in the programming, planning, budgeting, acquisition, procurement and governance of these emerging technologies can gain insights into how to review the justifications for these programs and investments to be funded and prioritized in the President's Budget Requests and the Congressional Justifications. Everyone needs to know where they stand- and where their work matters in the process of translating tax dollars to missions like protecting, securing and defending the homeland, providing world-class care to our Nation's Veterans, or providing aid to suffering nations as we remind ourselves of the deep importance of being responsible global citizenry.

FITGovSummit is the intersection where strategy, modernization, solutions architecture and planning meet implementation and execution, FITGovSummit is appropriate for skill levels ranging from Junior to Journeyman (Journey-woman) to Expert and Executive. 

 I hope you will join us for FITGovSummit. There are a variety of ways to participate and my vision is to be inclusive, inspiring and innovative. I welcome you to be a part of the best thing to happen in  FEDucation in a very, very long time.


FITGOVSUMMIT = CPIC2019 + Artifact Academy

Expanding Education


Janelle Moore, CEO of Zen Federal LLC and Executive Director of the CPIC Forum is the Founder and Lead for the Federal Information Technology (FIT) Gov Summit, bringing together the Artifact Academy, CPIC Forum and educational partners to present a new concept in education. FITGovSummit Tuition includes the annual CPIC Forum and training  (CPIC2019) and includes full Artifact Academy session access.

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FITGovSummit Tuition is $1249 per Forum Member or $1495 per person. If you are part of a participating group, organization, agency or company, you may be eligible for a promo code through your Special Interest Group (SIG) or organization's point of contact. 

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