Meet our 2019 Keynote Speaker MS. Margie Graves



Margaret H. Graves  is the Deputy Federal CIO for the Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President. The Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer drives value in Federal IT, delivers digital services, protects Federal IT assets and information, and develops the next generation IT workforce. In her role, Margie works to improve the way Government delivers results and technology services to the public. She drives elements of the President’s Management Agenda; IT Modernization, Data as a Strategic Asset and Workforce of the 21st Century.  Previously, Margie served as the Deputy CIO at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). As the Deputy CIO, she had oversight of an IT portfolio of $5.4 billion in programs. In addition, she managed the operations of the Office of the Chief Information Officer, covering the functional areas of Applied Technology, Enterprise Architecture, Data Management, IT Security, Infrastructure Operations, IT Accessibility, Budget and Acquisition.  Prior to her selection as DHS Deputy CIO, she was the Executive Director of the Enterprise Business Management Office within the DHS Office of the CIO. She developed and executed IT Portfolio strategies in alignment with the DHS mission. She also served as the Deputy Program Manager for the DHS Border and Transportation Security IT Integration Program which established the operational foundation and roadmap for consolidating and securing segments of the DHS application portfolio, data architecture and IT infrastructure.

Experts - Wisdom Givers Spotlight

Gustavo A. Calderón, President, Acquisition Workforce


Join Wisdom Giver Gustavo A. Calderón in the Hot Topics Track to learn more about   

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies from Proliferation to Utility  (The State of the Technology & the True Business Potential).   Participants are encouraged to challenge the pros and cons of the technology, the hype and speculation, the skepticism, as well as the prevalent beliefs and misbeliefs surrounding the entire blockchain and crypto ecosystem. 

Janelle B. Moore, CEO, Zen Federal LLC & Executive Director, Federal CPIC Forum


The Fed IT Gov Summit is more than one event, one course, one training class or one conference- it's the intersection of several events crowd-sourcing and crowd-sharing educational content through public-private partnership and collaboration. Janelle Moore, CEO of Zen Federal LLC and Executive Director of the Federal CPIC Forum is leading the launch of FITGov Summit. She will be presenting sessions within Artifact Academy. 

Thomas J. Smialowicz, Vice President, Management Consulting at Oxford


Join Wisdom-Giver and CPIC2019 Co-Chair   

Thomas J. Smialowicz.  As the Vice President of Oxford, Thomas is an experienced professional with expertise centered on management consulting and the delivery of Chief Information Officer services. 

Dr. Ron Ross, Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology


Join Wisdom-Giver Dr. Ron Ross  plenary session. Protecting the Nation’s Critical Assets:  When Cyber Hygiene Is Not Enough.  His session will cover the urgent need to further strengthen the underlying information systems, component products, and services that the nation depends on in every sector of the critical infrastructure—ensuring those systems, components, and services are sufficiently trustworthy and provide the necessary resilience to support the economic and national security interests of the United States. As with all existential threats faced by this nation throughout history, we must mobilize the essential partnership—government, industry, and the academic community to provide the people, processes, and technologies necessary to protect our critical national assets. One team, one mission.

Jacqueline Boykin, DOI-Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement & Co-Chair, CPIC2019/ FITGov Summit


 Join Wisdom-Giver Jacqueline Boykin, Jacqueline is a senior Capital Planner with the federal government and is Co-Chairing CPIC2019. Jackie is also a mentor of Candidates-to-Analysts Initiative (C2AI) participants.

Adam Byer, Executive Vice President, ITechAG


Join Wisdom- Giver Adam Byer session on  Objective Portfolio Selection – Ensuring Alignment to your Strategic Priorities.  Mr. Byer  will show the audience how to set up Business Drivers and priorities, to make sure the best return on investment is delivered, with the constraint of having a fixed budget for the year. 

Rob Hirschmann, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing PROJILITY


Join Wisdom-Giver Rob Hirschmann and learn about Project Portfolio Management (PPM) in the Federal government and examples of how Federal agencies are using PPM.  Also, learn technologies to improve decision making and delivery on projects.

Tomeka S. Williams, Cost & Business Analytics Co-Department Head, The MITRE Corporation


Join Wisdom-Givers Tomeka Williams  and Ruth Dorr co- presentation on  the State of Federal TBM Adoption and Implementation: Perspectives from Practitioners.  Driven by input from the Agnostic Technology Business Management (TBM) Special Interest Group (SIG) members and Federal CPIC Forum constituents, this session will present a consolidated review as to what is happening on the “front lines” in respect to several U.S. agencies based on survey findings and results.  In addition, this presentation will delve deeper into a few case studies taken from anonymous federal agencies to provide the audience with insights around the maturation of the TBM federal rollout.

Nitin Pradhan, Founder & CEO ScaleUP USA Accelerator | Ex-Obama Appointee | Federal CIO


Join Wisdom-Giver Nitin Pradhan, session from an Ex-Federal CIO’s Perspective on Federal Marketplace and IT Investment.  The following topics will be covered from a CPIC perspective: The need for innovation and transformation in the federal government; Why traditional innovation and transformation techniques fail in government; The coming age of the digitization of federal business development; Building smart federal business and market development capability; The new age of microlearning and its impact on the Federal sector; Digital automation techniques in market development; and Bringing it together – IT investment, planning and controls

Emile Ettedgui, Senior Operations Research Analyst, Government Accountability Office (GAO)


Join Wisdom-Giver Emile Ettedgui. Emile Ettedgui and Juaná S. Collymore are doing a co-presentation on the Project/ Portfolio track on GAO Best Practice Guides Overview and GAO Cost Estimating Best Practices.  Emile is primarily responsible for performing cost analyses to support audits on a wide range of government programs.  

Juaná Collymore, Senior Schedule & Cost Analyst, GAO’s Center for Technology and Engineering


Join Wisdom-Giver Juaná Collymore. Juaná Collymore and Emile Ettedgui are doing a co-presentation on the Project/ Portfolio track on GAO Best Practice Guides Overview and GAO Cost Estimating Best Practices. Juaná is  responsible for evaluating cost processes and performing schedule analyses generated by programs across a myriad of federal agencies.   

Roger Waldron, President, The Coalition for Government Procurement


Join Wisdom-Giver Roger Waldron and  Ryan Roberts  co-presentation on Section 846, e-Commerce track.    The answers to the below  questions and more will be covered in  their breakout.   What does the move to commercial e-commerce platforms mean for customer agencies and contractors?  What are the business, policy, and legal ramifications?  How big is the market and what are the rules of the road for e-commerce platforms and suppliers?   What are the next steps towards implementation?   

Flip Anderson, Executive, United States Department of Agriculture


Join Wisdom-Giver Flip Anderson breakout on FITARA: Opportunities and Challenges. 

  Flip is currently the USDA Executive responsible for FITARA and the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT- IAC) Information Technology Management Maturity Model Implementation. Prior to this position, Flip served as the Acting Associate Chief Information Officer and Deputy Associate Chief Information Officer for the Information Resource Management Center.  

Nnenna Egwim, IT Investment and Portfolio Manager for Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) United States Food and Drug Administration


Join Wisdom-Giver Nnenna Egwim and learn about  Business Process Documentation and Development and the how its results can be used to aid in Project Management Planning within capital planning and investment control. 

Nnenna is a dedicated professional lead and SME with 17+ years experience in the areas of Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC), IT Portfolio Management, Business Process Improvement, Project Management, Change Control, Strategic Analysis and IT investment management. 

Ryan E. Roberts, Associate at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP


Join Wisdom-Giver Ryan Roberts and Roger Waldron  co-presentation on Section 846, e-Commerce track.    The answers to the below  questions and more will be covered in  their breakout.   What does the move to commercial e-commerce platforms mean for customer agencies and contractors?  What are the business, policy, and legal ramifications?  How big is the market and what are the rules of the road for e-commerce platforms and suppliers?   What are the next steps towards implementation?     

Kim Pugh, Acting Director, Investment Governance Services Veterans Health Administration


Join Wisdom-Giver Kim Pugh and learn about the establishment of the VHA IT Governance responsible for making IT investment decisions, monitoring execution of IT efforts, while also assessing effectiveness and benefits of IT deployments. Additionally, VA and VHA strategic goal and objective alignments provides the foundation by which priorities are assessed.  Finally, VHA IT Governance is the champion for VHA IT needs within VA’s Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) process. 

Steven L. Taaffe, PMP, CEA, Director of Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Strategic Investment Management (SIM), Business Architecture


Join Wisdom-Giver Steven Taaffe.  Mr. Taffe establishes the BA mission, vision, strategies, and plans; provides BA guidance and leadership; serves as the primary interface with executive management; participates in governance activities; collaborates with affiliated architecture entities and architecture leadership communities; provides BA decision-making representation at senior level inter/intra agency meetings; participates in organizational management meetings (e.g., SIM and Office of Informatics and Information Governance (OIIG) management meetings); manages the annual review of the BA Charter and accomplishments; and participates in outreach and BA advocacy.

Christine M. Rhodes, Director, Requirements Development & Management Department of VA


Join Wisdom-Giver Christine Rhodes. Christine is a health information and management executive with over 34 years of experience working for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  She serves as the Director, Requirements Development and Management (RDM), establishing mission, policy, procedure, strategic direction and operational guidance for the elicitation, documentation, validation and traceability of VHA’s business needs and requirements designed to acquire or enhance  health information technology (IT) solutions. 

Kirk Trasborg, Executive Director of Shared Services, University of Pennsylvania


Join Wisdom-Giver Kirk Trasborg, Executive Director of Information Systems & Computing Shared Services for the University of Pennsylvania, to learn about how he and his team use TBM -- Technology Business Management to drive IT and business alignment.  Through implementation of the TBM ‘Bill of IT’ UPenn was able to take the mystery out of IT costs and build trust with constituents.  Hear how the use of this powerful tool changed the conversation from questions about costs, to how IT and the business can work together to more effectively move the University mission forward.

Topics to cover:

·  IT Transparency

·  Bill of IT

·  IT Client Financial Reviews

·  Penn Technology Investment Committe

Daniel York, Acting Director, IT Spending Transparency, GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy


Join Wisdom-Giver Daniel York on the GSA TBM Panel .  Mr. York  leads both the eCPIC/Folio PMO as well as the team that is working on the federal TBM implementation. He continues to serve as a strategic partner to OMB OFCIO, providing support for both the Federal IT Spending Transparency PMA CAP Goal as well as the development of the BY17 through BY21 IT Budget Guidance.  

Keith Ott, Product Manager, General Services Administration


Join Wisdom Giver Keith Ott to learn about Folio Applications.  He has over 10 years of experience working passionately in IT strategy, IT Capital Planning, Enterprise Architecture, and software development. Mr. Ott serves as a leader providing robust and innovative solutions to enable enterprise level executive decision making, strengthening governance standards, and building a sustainable IT culture. 

Kyra Stewart, Team Lead, Technology Business Management PMO General Services Administration


Join Wisdom-Giver  Kyra Stewart to learn about TBM Value Proposition.     Ms. Stewarts supports TBM Implementation across the Federal government. With more than $90 billion spent on Federal IT each year, her work is integral to increasing cost transparency and enabling better data-driven decision making with IT spend. 

Dan Pomeroy, Deputy Associate Administrator, Office of Government-wide Policy, General Services Administration


Join Wisdom-Giver,

Dan Pomeroy. Dan currently serves as the Deputy Associate Administrator in the Office of Information Integrity and Access at the General Services Administration (GSA). Dan’s work in this capacity is focused on enabling Federal CIOs to deliver world-class information technology (IT) services across government, particularly in the areas of cyber security, improving digital services, IT infrastructure modernization, and technology business management. 

Vennard Wright Chief Information Officer, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission


Join Wisdom Givers Vennard Wright on the CIO Panel.   As WSSC CIO, Mr. Wright provides the requisite leadership to transform the management of business technology capabilities and transformative services to support the Commission’s operations by ensuring that service delivery is in full alignment with the General Manager and Commissioners’ strategic goals and objectives. 

Naomi Gumbs, Director, Capital Planning and Information Technology Governance Division within the Office of the Chief Information Officer, Information Resource Management Center for the Department of Agriculture


Join Wisdom-Giver Naomi Gumbs to learn about Leadership: Finding the Missing Piece.    

 Naomi  has over 15 years of senior leadership experience in the fields of governance, capital planning and investment control (CPIC), acquisition, portfolio, program and project management. Naomi Gumbs is directly responsible for the Department‘s CPIC and IT Governance policies, processes, procedures and the portfolio management and reporting of the Department’s more than $2.1 Billion IT Portfolio to the Department and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).  

Khalid Asad, President, Performance Plus International


 Join Wisdom Giver Khalid Asad  to learn about the Four Domains of a Developed Leader.  

The session is designed to answer one question what is a developed leader?

To answer this question, Khalid will present four critical leadership domains that are transferrable across industries, organizations, and situations. Organizations will find the domain useful in recruiting, selecting, and developing people who can inspire others to contribute to the mission and vision. Participating in this session will enhance your ability to:- Explain the four domains of a developed leader, Organize your leadership development approach using the four domains and  Increase your self-awareness regarding your strengths and weaknesses in the four domains.

Patrick Chapman, Managing Director, Northramp LLC



Join Wisdom Giver  Patrick Chapman   

Improving IT Visibility and Reporting: An Information Model for Connecting IT Data Across All Functions.  Mr. Chapman is a Managing Director at Northramp LLC and has helped dozens of public and private sector organizations improve performance, identify and reduce costs, and realize true value from change. He is primarily focused on helping organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their information technology investments and operations. Mr. Chapman has also helped clients improve programmatic performance as well as navigate and manage large-scale change in complex political environments.

Givonna Cheeks Baker, Ph.D., PMP, AMBCI, Program Manager, ArcSource Group


Join Wisdom-Giver  Dr. Baker session on   Business Continuity: Planning for Resilience. Dr. Baker is a Program Manager with ArcSource Group.  Prior to joining ArcSource, Givonna served as a project manager with NES Associates, a CSRA company where she was responsible for managing scope, cost, and schedule for the upgrade of the United States Army’s Technical Control Facilities while overseeing vendor quality assurance and quality control activities. Prior to joining NES, Givonna proudly served for 22 ½ years in the United States Army as a multi-functional logistician and served two tours in combat – Iraq, and Afghanistan, respectively. 

Nick Hart, Chief Executive Officer, Data Coalition


  Join Wisdom-Giver  Nick Hart to learn more about the History and Future of the OPEN Government Data Act.   Nick Hart is the Chief Executive Officer of the Data Coalition. He helped to craft the milestone Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act, including the OPEN Government Data Act, and has worked with numerous federal agencies and congressional committees to design effective data, evaluation, and privacy policies over the past decade. 

Sharon Pratt, Laugh Yoga: Healing through intentional laughter


Join Wisdom-Giver,  Sharon Pratt. Sharon is a unique educator who specializes in the blending of different traditions and practices for the purposes of community empowerment, healing, and development. Utilizing spiritual traditions and artistic technique, Sharon focuses on guiding people of all ages to rebuild their connection to their own natural rhythms through ancient indigenous practices of honoring, healing, creating, and sustaining. 

Lily Benjamin, Diversity & Inclusion and Organization Development Strategist


Join Wisdom-Giver Lily Benjamin. Lily is a global diversity & inclusion, talent development, and organization design executive; responsible for learning, leadership development, and organization transformation.

Lily served the SVP of Leadership and Organization Development for three key lines of business at Bank of America Private Bank: Philanthropic & Family Offices, National Trust Services, and the Office of Chief Fiduciary. She integrated diversity & inclusion and organization design to increase efficiencies while leveraging diversity of thoughts and talent. Her contributions included influencing leaders and employees at all levels of the organization to build synergies that drive organizational health and business impact.

Lydia K. Gizdavcic, The MITRE Corporation


Join Wisdom-Giver Lydia Gizdavcic. Lydia is currently a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for MITRE’s Cost and Business Analytics Department, specializing in Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC). She specializes in the formulation and review of Major IT Business Cases (e.g., E300s), and has most recently been working to support the development of Technology Business Management (TBM) for civilian agencies, such as the Census Bureau’s multi-billion dollar Decennial Program. 

Tony Thornton, Founder & CEO of Just One Technology, LLC


Join Wisdom-Giver Tony Thornton. Tony is the Founder & CEO of Just One Technology, LLC, established in April 2016. Prior to creating Just One Technology, Tony spent 30 rewarding years of active service in the United States Navy, as a Naval Officer in the Medical Service Corps. A seasoned executive in Military Medicine, Tony served as the Chief Information Officer at the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), where he was responsible for the oversight and strategic delivery of health information technology and informatics for the U.S. Navy Health enterprise.

Brig Gen (Ret.) Ian Dickinson, Chief Operating Officer, Bryce Space and Technology (Former Deputy CIO, Joint Staff)


Join Wisdom-Giver Brig Gen (Ret.) Ian Dickinson is Chief Operating Officer of Bryce Space and Technology. General Dickinson is a leader in cyberspace for military and government organizations. In his career, General Dickinson served in increasingly challenging roles in the Air Force. He managed, maintained, and secured the cyberspace domain used by the Air Force, as well as trained warfighters to fight in and protect that domain. He served as Deputy CIO of the Joint Staff, ran regional communications for task forces in combat, and oversaw the creation of the first undergraduate cyber training curriculum for Air Force personnel.

Keith E. Seaman


Join Wisdom-Giver Keith Seaman. Mr. Keith Seaman a retired SES and senior acquisition executive with over 40 years of successful transformational accomplishments spanning DoD programs and directorates (DLA, DHA, DISA, USAF etc), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and Combatant Commands where his extensive multi-disciplined technology background in the planning, development, execution and implementation of large-scale federal acquisition programs led to significant successes. His experiences are disseminated across several operational disciplines in, transportation/logistics, intelligence community, command and control, research and development, business improvement; healthcare and information technologies which have led to accelerated acquisitions.

Pankaj Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, Rigil


    Join Wisdom-Giver Pankaj Sharma. Mr. Sharma has strategic and operational oversight of Rigil's strategy, technology and product services. He leads business development, policy, standards, process improvement and communication to management. For clients, he implements program management office (PMO), earned value management (EVM) and other strategy, technology and product support. Mr. Sharma holds an MBA from Duke University, Fuqua School of Business. He is a Project Management Institute Project Management Professional (PMI-PMP) and holds CISSP, OCP DBA and Java Programmer certifications. 

Stosh Misiaszek - Trusted Advisor for Agile Transformations at Scaled Agile


Join Wisdom-Giver Stosh Misiaszek. Stosh is a 35 year veteran of the IT industry and holds a master's degree in computer engineering from Syracuse University.  He started his career as an assembly language programmer working for a major Defense Contractor and quickly became involved in methodology and process improvement.  He is passionate about helping organizations develop software and systems using Lean and Agile methods.  Stosh currently works for Scaled Agile Inc. where he focuses on Federal Government use of the Scaled Agile Framework. 

Reserved for a FITGOVSummit


Wisdom giver

Reserved for a FITGOVSummit


Wisdom giver

Laura Johnson, President & CEO at Training Outreach, LLC


Laura Johnson has produced content, agendas, CxO panels while facilitating all facets of meeting planning for the CPIC forum for eleven years. This year, Laura is leading our programs and content with the Forum's Planning Special Interest Group (SIG) and Executive Steering Committee (ESC). If you are interested in being a Wisdom Giver, please contact Laura today.

Christine Davenport-Everett, Marketing & Social Media Expert


Christine Davenport-Everett has been producing all marketing and communications content for the CPIC Forum and is participating this year with CPIC2019, Artifact Academy and FITGovSummit. Christine assists with the Summit's reciprocal marketing and promotional activities. Christine is assisting our Educational Partners with the assistance of our Community Outreach Special Interest Group (SIG). 

Chantalle Walker-Brouwers, Director Community Outreach, C2AI Program Development at Federal CPIC Forum


Chantalle Walker Brouwers will be assisting Wisdom-Seekers with career paths and career opportunities in the Career Exploration and Hospitality area.

How to become an Expert-wisdom giver


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