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Gustavo A. Calderón, President, Acquisition Workforce


Learn about blockchain from Wisdom-Giver and expert in Acquisition & Programmatic Support for Complex Mission Critical Portfolios (Applied Decision Support, Blockchain & AI) 

Janelle B. Moore, CEO, Zen Federal LLC & Executive Director, Federal CPIC Forum


The Fed IT Gov Summit is more than one event, one course, one training class or one conference- it's the intersection of several events crowd-sourcing and crowd-sharing educational content through public-private partnership and collaboration. Janelle Moore, CEO of Zen Federal LLC and Executive Director of the Federal CPIC Forum is leading the launch of FITGov Summit. She will be presenting sessions within Artifact Academy. 

Tarrazzia Martin, Co-Chair CPIC2019 & Executive Director, USNIA


Join Wisdom-Giver and CPIC2019 Co-Chair Tarrazzia Martin, an experienced federal Chief Information Officer (CIO),  Experienced Transformation Executive and Digital Strategist with USNIA Inc. Executive Director, and Founder of New Utopia International Foundation.

Dr. Ron Ross, Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology


Join Wisdom-Giver Dr. Ron Ross.  Dr. Ross is a Fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. His focus areas include information security, systems security engineering, and risk management. Dr. Ross leads the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) Implementation Project, which includes the development of security standards and guidelines for the federal government, contractors, and the United States critical infrastructure.  Dr. Ross also leads the Joint Task Force, an interagency partnership with the Department of Defense, Office of the Director National Intelligence, U.S. Intelligence Community, and the Committee on National Security Systems, with responsibility for the development of the Unified Information Security Framework for the federal government and its contractors.  

Jacqueline Boykin, National Park Service & Co-Chair, CPIC2019/ FITGov Summit Grab interest


 Join Wisdom-Giver Jacqueline Boykin, Jacqueline is a senior Capital Planner with the federal government and is Co-Chairing CPIC2019. Jackie is also a mentor of Candidates-to-Analysts Initiative (C2AI) participants.

Adam Byer, Executive Vice President for iTech AG


Join Wisdom-Giver  Adam Byer. 

Adam is the Executive Vice President for iTech AG and oversees the 3PM (Portfolio, Program, & Project Management) Service Area for the company.  The different offerings that he leads within this service include; Master Scheduling, CPIC, Earned Value Management, Agile PMO, Organizational Readiness, and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Tools Analysis & Support.  Adam has over 16 years of IT Program Management and Controls experience, starting with managing internal project controls teams for large government contracting firms, then moving to IT consulting where he has directly supported numerous Federal and Commercial clients.  Federal Agencies he has advised throughout his career include the IRS, Census Bureau, Department of State, and Department of Labor.  He has led teams that have assisted several major IT investments that were implemented using various types of systems development life cycles, including agile methodologies. 

Rob Hirschmann, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing PROJILITY


Join Wisdom-Giver Rob Hirschmann.  Learn more about Project Portfolio Management (PPM) in the Federal government and examples of how Federal agencies are using PPM technologies to improve decision making and delivery on projects. 

Tomeka S. Williams, Cost & Business Analytics Co-Department Head


Join Wisdom-Giver Tomeka Williams. Tomeka has a broad range of experience providing economic analysis and cost engineering support to federal agencies, specializing in Cost Transparency in the development of Life-cycle Cost Estimates (LCCE), Business Case Analysis (BCA), Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), and Strategic Portfolio & Financial Analytics for IT systems and new emerging technologies. 

Tomeka  will be speaking in a breakout about Technology Business Management (TBM). 

Nitin Pradhan, Founder & CEO ScaleUP USA Accelerator | Ex-Obama Appointee | Federal CIO


Join wisdom-Giver Nitin Pradhan, Ex-Federal CIO of US Department of Transportation on Federal Marketplace and IT Investment.  Nitin  will touch on the following topics from a CPIC perspective: 

  • The need for innovation and transformation in the federal government
  • Why traditional innovation and transformation techniques fail in government
  • The coming age of the digitization of federal business development
  • Building smart federal business and market development capability
  • The new age of microlearning and its impact on the Federal sector
  • Digital automation techniques in market development
  • Bringing it together – IT investment, planning and controls

Emile Ettedgui, Senior Operations Research Analyst for the Government Accountability Office (GAO)


 Join Wisdom-Giver Emile Ettedgui. Emile is primarily responsible for performing cost analyses to support audits on a wide range of government programs.  Emile  and Juaná S. Collymore are doing a co-presentation on the Project/ Portfolio track on GAO Best Practice Guides Overview and GAO Cost Estimating Best Practices.  

Juaná Collymore, Senior Schedule & Cost Analyst for GAO’s Center for Technology and Engineering


Join Wisdom-Giver Juaná Collymore. Juaná is  responsible for evaluating cost processes and performing schedule analyses generated by programs across a myriad of federal agencies.  Juaná and Emile Ettedgui are doing a co-presentation on the Project/ Portfolio track on GAO Best Practice Guides Overview and GAO Cost Estimating Best Practices.  

Roger Waldron, President of the Coalition for Government Procurement


Join Wisdom-Giver Roger Waldron. Roger brings more than 25 years of high-profile government contracting experience.  In his role as president, Roger promotes common sense in government procurement and works to ensure the procurement system provides sound business opportunities that deliver best value for customer agencies and the taxpayer.

Flip Anderson, Executive, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)


Join Wisdom-Giver Flip Anderson,

  Flip is currently the USDA Executive responsible for FITARA and the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT- IAC) Information Technology Management Maturity Model Implementation. Prior to this position, Flip served as the Acting Associate Chief Information Officer and Deputy Associate Chief Information Officer for the Information Resource Management Center.  

Nnenna Egwim, Capital Planning and Investment Control & Management. Program Analyst at DHS, Fema OCIO


 Join Wisdom-Giver Nnenna Egwim.  Nnenna is presenting on- Business Process Documentation and Development and the how it’s results can be used to aid in Project Management Planning within Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) .

Ryan E. Roberts, Associate at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP


Join Wisdom-Giver and panel speaker Ryan E. Roberts. Ryan is a Partner in the Government Contracts, Investigations, and International Trade practice group in the Washington, D.C. office of Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton. Mr. Roberts has counseled clients, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, regarding compliance with the vast regulations applicable to government contractors. Mr. Roberts has conducted numerous complex investigations, both internal and in response to allegations made by various enforcement agencies, and represented government contractors in a broad range of litigation matters, including litigation under the False Claims Act, bid protests, and appeals.  

Laura Johnson, President & CEO at Training Outreach, LLC


Laura Johnson has produced content, agendas, CxO panels while facilitating all facets of meeting planning for the CPIC forum for eleven years. This year, Laura is leading our programs and content with the Forum's Planning Special Interest Group (SIG) and Executive Steering Committee (ESC). If you are interested in being a Wisdom Giver, please contact Laura today.

Christine Davenport-Everett, Marketing & Social Media Expert

Join Marketing & Social Networking Expert Christine Davenport-Everett at the FITGov Summit.

Christine Davenport-Everett has been producing all marketing and communications content for the CPIC Forum and is participating this year with CPIC2019, Artifact Academy and FITGovSummit. Christine assists with the Summit's reciprocal marketing and promotional activities. Christine is assisting our Educational Partners with the assistance of our Community Outreach Special Interest Group (SIG). 

Chantalle Walker-Brouwers, Director Community Outreach, C2AI Program Development at Federal CPIC Forum


Chantalle Walker Brouwers will be assisting Wisdom-Seekers with career paths and career opportunities in the Career Exploration and Hospitality area.

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Executive Branch Participation

All executive branch participation must be vetted through proper channels. Please contact Laura Johnson of Training Outreach for these inquiries.

We annually welcome distinguished key-note speakers and leaders from the White House/ Executive Office of the President (EOP) / Office of Management & Budget (OMB).

Members of Congress are welcomed.

Federal, State, Local & Tribal Agencies

All government agencies are welcomed to participate. Please express your interest, topic, experience to Laura Johnson,

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Groups, Organizations and FFRDC's

Groups, organizations and FFRDC's are welcomed to participate. Opportunities for participation include:

  • Events within the main event
  • Session participation
  • Career Exploration & Hospitality 
  • Awards
  • KeyNote Presentations
  • Reception 
  • Opportunity Pavilion
  • Raffles

Please contact Janelle Moore; 

Private Sector & Industry

This event could not be successful without the ongoing participation and sponsorship of amazing companies like:

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Media Partners

Media Partners are welcomed to participate in the FITGovSummit events. Executive Branch sessions shall be considered Off-The-Record and media shall be excluded from specific presentations in accordance with Administration preferences and protocols associated with the CPIC Forum sessions. Please inquire for details and terms regarding requests for press passes via

University & College Partners

University programs are currently coordinating trips for students to attend, participate and learn more about professional development, certification and mentoring programs as part of FITGovSummit. These programs are in development with the University of Pennsylvania and East Carolina University. 

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